You Want More Patches For Novation Circuit? Here's Jim Drones

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Posted on: May 2, 2017
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Isotonik Studios are at the front of the queue when it comes to creating new and innovative Max for Live devices, hardware synth software controllers, and even a patch store for the Novation Circuit.

Well, there’s new patches in the store, from luminaries like Bo Nurmi, Cuckoo and Tom Cosm. Here’s what our friends at Isotonik have told us about the new release from Jim Drones:

18 March 2017–When we first opened up our Circuit Patch Store for the Novation Circuit we didn’t realise how truly talented the team we’d assembled around ourselves were… 

With new packs on the way from the likes of Bo Nurmi, Cuckoo and Tom Cosm the first to release his second pack of Synth Patches is Rob C Everett…

Wanting to explore new areas of sound design Rob is releasing this under his Jim Drones persona…



32 Patches designed patches for the Novation Circuit with focus on ambient drones and soundscapes in mind. It also consists of lush pads and evolving strings, dirty 303 basses, hoovers, lead synths, and abysmal sound effects. Perfect for producing a variety of other genres as well, such as Trance, Acid, Breaks, Progressive, and Drum and Bass…

“Consistent, innovative, and straight up madmen.” take a trip into Rob’s world….


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