When You Die Your Ashes Can Be Pressed into Vinyl Records

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Posted on: February 27, 2017
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There are many options at time of death for how we choose for our bodies to be treated and disposed of. UK based company, And Vinyly, have added a new option to the list. If you choose to be cremated your ashes couled scattered in a number of places or instead could be pressed into vinyl records. 

The process isn’t cheap. The “basic package is £3000 (about $4000) and gets you 30 copies of the memorial record, each of which contains some of the provided ashes.” The music or sound on the vinyl records can be completely your choice. Perhaps audio recordings of the dear departed one or music to help be remembered by. There are also options to add artwork to the records.

And Vinyly record with ashes.

The video below is a beautiful, touching overview of the process, inspiration and service of pressing ashes into vinyl records.

The fact human ashes get pressed on to a vinyl record doesn’t contribute to a technically higher quality listening experience. In fact it leads to pops and crackles. But perhaps that’s more like truly listening to the remains of the dead.

One last note before start preparing for your cremation… And Vinyly also cater to press other “things” into a vinyl record. For example an artist from Italy has had parts of a meteorite pressed onto vinyl.





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