Watch Richie Hawtin DJ With Only A Cowbell Sample?

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Posted on: March 11, 2017
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There’s minimal and there’s minimal. This video of Richie Hawtin falls under the later category of course! There’s tracks with cowbells, there’s tracks with mainly cowbell… and then there’s this. The ultimate cowbell DJ tribute set that lasts over 2 minutes. Pure, unadultered cowbell.

Shared by Mark Thompson on Facebook, this video by My Music is Electronic is a real ripsnorter. Listen out for the, um, interesting crowd noises and incredibly intelligble conversations that you’d think would get drowned out during a set like this… even one that is composed of just one cowbell.

And you’ll be impressed by the delay effect on the cowbell around 1:47. Wow. Good luck finding this track by RIchie Hawtin on Beatport or anywhere else online. This is a one-off exclusive, captured in this video only and probably won’t see the light of day outside of this video. (We can but hope).

OK. So, this is obviously a joke. Perhaps it should’ve been reserved for April Fools day. We hope Richie and his fans don’t take offence by this funny video and hope it brings a wry smile to you and yours.

Now. Anyone else got any cowbell stories to share?



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