Watch Brian Eno Making a Beat That Randomises

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Posted on: June 5, 2017
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Brian Eno, the musician, composer, producer and visual artist is well known for his impact on rock, pop and ambient music genres. Here he shows how he builds a interesting beats in Logic Pro X.

In this 3 minute video courtsey of BBC Click, Brian Eno demonstrates how he uses Logic Pro X Drummer with a custom-made Logic Pro MIDI script plug-in (we only get to see clearly see for s second) to create random and self-generating drum loops.

BBC Click’s Spencer Kelly finds out how to make constantly changing drum loops and funk, using probabilities and complicated maths, from music legend Brian Eno.

I was almost surprised to see Eno using Logic Pro X. For some reason I had it in my mind he’d be using some DAW that hasn’t been invented yet. But, it goes to show what is possible with the tools accessible to all of us.

Brian Eno’s Logic Pro X Scripter.

And I love the idea he’s scripted a MIDI plug-in straight inside Logic Pro X that is giving him randomizing fun. I’d love to see these scripts in more detail!


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