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These FREE Ableton Live And Kontakt Instruments Are Made From Crystal Goblets

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Posted on: April 21, 2017
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Now here’s something intersting. If you know Flintpope, you’re aware of his execellent (mainly free) Reaktor and Kontakt (and more) instruments. If you’re aware of Isotonik Studios, you’ll probably know about Performodule and their Ableton Live devices.

Well, today you can download a unique, eerie dual-instrument: Crystal Goblets / Eugene

Crystal Goblets is a free Ableton Live instrument. Eugene is a free Kontakt instrument. You can download these via Isotonik’s website.

So, what is Crystal Goblets / Eugene? Back in 2005 Animus from Performodule “borrowed a set of crystal wine goblets of various sizes from the musician “Disharmony of the Spheres” (which she would play in her live setup with a violin bow). Each of them I filled with water and tuned, recording every chromatic note possible with each goblet, in the top floor of an old wooden house. The samples have an eerie quality, with each particular goblet having its own character, sometimes with a rubbing or squeaking sound also emerging which adds to the creepy atmosphere.”

Forest Eyes (using Crystal Goblets):

The Ableton Instrument  is actually five instruments, as it is divided into five main groups of notes. Every sample is pitched to be able to play with any MIDI instrument in-key, perfect for ambient soundscapes. 

And that’s when Animus contacted Nick from Flintpope who jumped at the opportunity to collaborate and thus the Kontakt instrument version of Crystal Goblets was born, except they called it Eugene (a reference to where Animus was living back in 2005). 

This track was made with Eugene for Kontakt:

Did we mention it’s FREE and it’s eerie (in a good way)? Sounds designers using either (or both) Ableton Live and Kontakt are going to be happy with these two instruments.

Note: The download includes both Crystal Goblets & Eugene. For Crystal Goblets both the Simpler & Sampler varieties of the Live Instrument are included, making it available to Live Suite and Live Standard users…. 



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