The River Is An 8 Voice Synthesizer Based On Analog Moog Source

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Posted on: February 14, 2017
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[ad_1] discovered this new project by Baloran from France for an 8-voice polyphonic synthesizer called The River. “It is based on the Moog Source, but is significantly expanded and this also means with FM and other abilities that the original never had.”

Baloran The River polyphonic synthesizer.

Baloran The River polyphonic synthesizer.


Details are scarse but these are from and there’s some sound examples below too:


  • 8 voice, 2 VCO based on the Moog Source (a monophonic Z80 microprocessor-controlled analog synthesizer manufactured by Moog Music from 1981 to 1985). But these are a lot more advanced – so this is a lot more.
  • Ladder VCF
  • VCO mod via ENV no problem, PWM, FM …
  • discrete LFOs & ENVs (2x) + globaler digital LFO
  • 8 x multi-timbral
  • Arpeggiator & Sequencer/Voice
  • 5 Oct Fatar TP/8S Keyboard
  • Analog TriChorus
  • Modulation matrix

There are no official details on price yet. But Laurent from Baloran has commented that it will be available end of 2017 and it won’t go through crowd funding but rather via cash advance reservations.





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