Pop Rock Guitar Loops For Garageband / Logic Studio 3.76 GB

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Posted on: January 8, 2017
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Product picture Pop Rock Guitar Loops For Garageband / Logic Studio 3.76Gigs


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Introducing Inner Rhythm Studios new release Pop Rock Guitar Sam Pack for Garageband and Logic Studio music production software. This all new collection boasts over 3.75 Gigabytes of guitar loops. Music Loops included in this collection are formatted to change key and BPM. All loops will be visible in the Garageband or Logic loop browser. Order your pre-release copy today. Inner Rhythm Studios – Bringing quality media to industry professionals around the world – carefully recorded, faithfully rendered – Inner Rhythm Studios.

POP ROCK GUITAR FOR GARAGEBAND & LOGIC STUDIO $99.99USD – This collection is delivered via download divided into 9 seperate downloads consisting of 500MB each. Make sure that you have a high speed connection to download this collection. Pop Rock Guitar has 3.75 Gigs of guitar loops.

Please be advised that the sample songs are possible ways to combine, connect, or otherwise arrange the loops found in this collection into a musical composition. The sample songs themselves are not found within this library as a fully assembled whole.


File Size: 375.8 MBytes

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