Piper Payne Shows Us Around Her $150K Analog Mastering Studio

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Posted on: April 18, 2017
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Have you ever wondered how much a professional analog mastering room might cost? Well, Piper Payne was gracious enough to show us hers, and it’s “a lot” as you might have suspected. 

From a properly engineered room, top of the line speakers (Meyer), ATR tape machine, Basis turntable with custom VTL phono stage and analog gear by EAR, GML, Rupert Neve, Manley, Maselec and conversion by RADAR and Bricasti, to the computer and everything else you are looking at over 150k. 

After discussing her gear, she brings up a valid point and that is “you get what you pay for”. If you are paying $20-30 for a mastering, there is no way you are getting the highest quality processing. 

This is just a very short clip from her 2-hour Mastering MasterClass which is available in archive form in the Ask.Audio Academy. 

Watch the complete Mastering With Piper Payne Masterclass recording for FREE here.




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