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PioneerDJ Announces TORAIZ AS-1 Monophonic Analog Synthesizer With DSI

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Posted on: January 29, 2017
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Not only is PioneerDJ releasing a true analog monophonic synthesizer a surprise, but this synth (made by Dave Smith Instruments) features circuits based on the popular Prophet 6! Here’s all the info.

Now here’s something we weren’t expecting from PioneerDJ or Dave Smith Instruments. A full blown, bonafide monophonic analog synthesizer for under $500. The TORAIZ AS-1 was made in collaboration with Dave Smith Instruments and shows how Pioneer feels studio production and performance needs are overlapping more than ever.

The standout features of the Toraiz AS-1 (which I find incredibly difficult to type btw) include a 64 step sequencer, arpeggiator, touch-pad style keyboard and slider, 495 preset sounds and 495 user sounds.

Here’s the official press release and video from PioneerDJ for the Toraiz AS-1 mono analog synth:

In collaboration with Dave Smith Instruments, we’ve created a new monophonic synthesizer for music production and live performances: the TORAIZ AS-1. The synth is the second musical instrument in our TORAIZ series that brings new creative possibilities to the studio and stage, and its release follows the launch of our popular TORAIZ SP-16 live sampler in August 2017.  

The TORAIZ AS-1 is driven by a fully programmable, true analog synthesis engine based on the discrete analog circuitry in Dave Smith Instruments’ Prophet-6 synthesizer. It produces powerful analog audio and features intuitive controls that let you create your own personalised sound. You can use the touchpad-style keyboard and slider to manipulate sounds during performances and it’s easy to control the seven on-board effects, which – with the addition of a brand-new digital distortion – come from the Prophet-6 synth.

You can connect the TORAIZ AS-1 synth to the TORAIZ SP-16 live sampler via MIDI and use the sampler’s sophisticated sequencer to create even more complex patterns with the sounds you’ve created in the synthesizer.

The TORAIZ AS-1 will be available from March 2017 at an SRP of €549 including VAT.

PioneerDJ Toraiz AS-1 monophonic analog synth.

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  • True analog sound from Dave Smith Instruments’ Prophet-6
  • Two voltage-controlled oscillators
  • Two voltage-controlled filters
  • Two envelope generators
  • Voltage-controlled amplifier and low-frequency oscillator
  • Full programmability with 495 presets, 495 user programs and Quick Program
  • Dual FX engine with seven FX (six from the Dave Smith Instruments Prophet-6 synth)
  • Touchpad-style keyboard and slider
  • Scale Mode
  • Arpeggiator
  • 64-step sequencer with Sequence Lock
  • Bright OLED display
  • Easy connection to a PC/Mac or an external MIDI device
  • Robust metal chassis 









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