NAMM 2017: ROLI Announces Dashboard For Blocks Hardware To Enable DAW Control

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Posted on: February 2, 2017
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ROLI’s Blocks hardware has until now worked mainly with its Noise iOS app but the company has announced Dashboard, a new technology that will enable the Lightpad Block to work with Ableton Live, other DAWs and third party MIDI-controlled software and hardware. Currently in beta, it will let you use the Lightpad Block as a tactile MIDI controller to trigger all kinds of things. Check out this video where ROLI demonstrate controlling a third party software synth in Live as well as recording, looping and adding effects, all from the Blocks hardware.

There’s a world of possibilities, like the option to use the pad as an X/Y pad controller for effects, record, loop and perform. Multiple Blocks can be chained together to provide an even larger, multi-stage modular controller environment. 

The beta version of the software will be available in February to anyone with a Lightpad Block. 



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