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Learn All New Features in Logic Pro X 10.3 in This FREE Video Course

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Posted on: February 11, 2017
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Logic Pro X 10.3 is here and Apple has added some excellent new capabilities. To celebrate we’ve created a 100% FREE video course in the AskAudio Academy showcasing the new features. You can watch it here.

In this 4 minute video take from the course, Logic expert Steve H shows you around the new Track Alternatives feature, a way to have multiple different versions of a track exist in one project and quickly switch between them without needing to create track folders or duplicate anything. It’s a great way to try different parts and arrangements while keeping projects manageable!

Steve runs you through a practical example of creating multiple alternative versions of a MIDI part, and the feature works for audio tracks too. Since active parts are played through the single channel strip for a track, there’s no extra clutter in the mixer.



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