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Lead Guitar Loops – Anatomy Of A Guitar Solo

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Posted on: January 8, 2017
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Product picture Lead Guitar Loops - Anatomy Of A Guitar Solo

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O.k. people, you know you cant produce hot guitar elements using computers – for it to be legit, its got to be played live by a human being. Here is an awesome collection of guitar leads for your project. Import these babies and watch your friends drool over your musical prowess!! Be the envy of the neighborhood. Impress your girlfriend, amaze your friends, make a million bucks!! Anatomy Of A Guitar Solo will not disappoint! Over a gig of modern guitar leads. Packed with full on 16, 32, and 64 measure lead guitar/lines solo loops. Check out the samples above..

Russell has produced many legendary Inner Rhythm Studios loop collections, such as: Ambient Acoustic Guitar Volumes 1 & 2, The Air Guitar Lead series, Audio Architecture & Liquid Sound Royalty Free Music collections, many of the Hip-Hop guitar collections found in the Smoov Beats Volumes, R&B Guitar, as well as many others. Please make sure that you have a DSL or cable connection before downloading this collection – this download uncompresses/unzips to 1.03 Gigs. 

Anatomy Of A Guitar Solo $29.99USD 

Please be advised the sample songs are possible ways to combine, connect, or otherwise arrange the loops found in this collection into a musical composition. The sample songs themselves are not found within this library as a fully assembled whole.

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File Size: 710.8 MBytes 

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