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Korg Releases Minilogue and Monologue Updates

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Posted on: June 11, 2017
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If you didn’t already know it, Korg are fairly serious about their updates for their Minilogue and Monologue analog synths. Today sees the release of system updates for both synths plus new sound libraries. Here’s what’s new.

For the Minilogue, system update 1.23 simply adds “Fixed priority of voices in release stage.” The previous version, 1.21, added latch mode for the arpeggiator and corrected CC number assigns. Bear in mind though this is a small release it is a useful one.

Korg Minilogue

Along with the system update you can also download the free Minilogue Sound Library 1.0.1, which allows you to easily reorder and organise programs inside the Minilogue and allows you to save these to your Mac or PC computer. You can also use it to load bonus libraries from Korg.

What’s New in Minilogue & Monologue Sound Librarian:

  • Program names can now be edited in the Program List. 
  • Preset data can be added via the [File] menu. 
  • Copying programs from Preset Data to the Program List can now be done with multiple selection. 
  • Fixed Japanese localization support on OSX 10.12.

The same changes can be found for the Monologue Sound Librarian 1.0.1. See also links below.

Along with these updates for Minilogue and Monologue, Korg have rolled out new drivers for nanoKontrol Studio, nanoKey Studio, microKey Air, and Korg BLE-MIDI Driver.

All updates are free.

If you own a Minilogue, Monologue or MicroKorg, check out Korg’s new contest: Share Your Voice. Winners get featured on social and win some awesome Korg prizes.




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