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If You Compose Or Sync Music To Video This Plugin Is For You

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Posted on: May 27, 2017
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Composing music to film and moving images is becoming more and more common. Here’s a plug-in designed to help you out. VidPlayVST uses open source libraries and can play virtually any video file. There’s some great features (see details from VidPlayVST below), supports Mac and PC VST hosts, though there is no AU version so Logic users can’t make use of it without a VST wrapper.

Here’s what 

“VidPlayVST is a plugin for producers composing music synchronised to video. It uses FFmpeg, which is an Open Source library of tools for working with video and audio data in multiple formats. The plugin is able to open and play video files in any format supported by FFmpeg (as of August 2017).

“If you have a video file formatted with any freely licensed codec, then VidPlayVST will probably be able to open and play it.


  • Loop mode may be set with loop points to cycle through a sub-section of the video.
  • By default video playback starts at time zero in the host transport. Optionally, a MIDI note C can be sent to the plugin to cue the start of the video.
  • The plugin window is resizable and, optionally, the video may be viewed in a detached window or full screen.
  • The video may be viewed at its original aspect ratio or scaled to fit a chosen window size.
  • The plugin plays audio if it is present within the video file, or it can be muted. So, this is an easy way to extract audio from a video file and use it in your own production.






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