Elektron Tease New Music Machine

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Posted on: January 24, 2017
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I’d love to tell you that we know what this new “something” is that Elektron are keen to show us at NAMM in 2 days time. I’d love to know what it is and tell you I don’t know anything. I’d love to know something. But, Elektron are keeping this one close to their chest. We knew there was a possibility of something… but I feel like we’ve now overused the word “something” in this short article.

With the Elektron Analog Heat already out and reviewed and the Analog Drive making waves amongst the guitar player communities we’re hoping for something more synth or sampler-based. Then again, another FX processor in the vein of Analog Heat… a delay or reverb or could be very interesting.

It’s impossible to get a sense of the scale. It could be Machinedrum or Analog Heat sized… it appears to have a screen. And anything else is just guess work at this stage.

Here’s their teaser post on Facebook:

If you fancy taking a guess…

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