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11 Top Synths, Sequencers & Controllers From NAMM 2017

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Posted on: February 16, 2017
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NAMM 2017 was full of new gear, much of it hidden away almost out of sight from the larger brands. One of the interesting developments this year saw products from Korg, Roland, Behringer, Akai Pro and Arturia announced before the show and this made NAMM a great place to get hands on with their respective synths. So, the Monologue, Boutiques, DeepMind 12, MPC X & Live, MatrixBrute and DrumBrute were all on show.

Here’s a few of our picks from NAMM 2017 that we’d classify as NEW synths, sequencers and music machines. We’ve even thrown in a controller or two as well! (Note, these are presented in random order). Also note, we decided not to include the Korg Monologue (which we like a lot) because it was technically already released and has been on show a lot already. 


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